One Project at a Time


Employing the World to Clean the Planet

At Clean Planet we’re raising funds and promoting initiatives to employ the world to clean our planet. we are driven by a single goal; to do our part in making the world a cleaner place for all. Our decision-making process is guided by honoring human rights while caring for our planet. 


Other Projects


Empowering the Homeless

In our modern and fast-paced lives its easy to get sucked into our own realities and disregard those less fortunate or going through some difficult circumstances. Ignite Da Streetz was created to empower the homeless by giving them a voice and bringing awareness to the city that not all homeless people are drug addicts and gang members. Many of these people are simply stuck and have lost faith that anyone cares enough to help. So we decided to go out in to the streets pass out food, clothing, and listen to their story. Because thats all some of them want, to share their story and potentially inspire someone to give them a second chance.


Teaching in a Small Village

A great opportunity to see the immediate results of your contribution is to volunteer at a school in a different country and provide them with information that due to their circumstances would probably not get exposed to. These kids loved hearing stories of what its like to live in America and you can see their faces glow up from the curiosity of what is outside their village. I shared with them the importance of self development and leadership. We instilled a leadership program of kids leading kids to greatness. A great project that we intend on bringing clients with us for Summer 2017.


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Empowering the Youth

Getting an Opportunity to mentor and develop kids is extremely important. Leaders of Tomorrow is program created by kids of a local High School in San Diego dedicated to empowering the next generation of junior and seniors bringing awareness to the importance of respecting one another and taking a stand against bullying while encouraging entrepreneurship and social responsibility.


We Clean the World

I Clean My City, was an initiative to promote cleaner communities by being the change we want to see in our communities. We've created many cleaning adventures to encourage awareness and will be working with the city in the near future to create jobbing opportunities for the homeless.


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