Overcome your Fears - Elevate your Confidence

A Journey Inward to Awaken & Ignite the Highest YOU

Sebastian Hernandez

Self Mastery Coach 

Former U.S. Navy Veteran, Sebastian Hernandez now International Motivational Speaker, and Global Entrepreneur continues to empower individuals around the world to inspire, innovate, and ignite a passionate life worth living.

Sebastian ignites people from all walks of life to find clarity in the areas that matter most to them. Inspiring self exploration that drives forward conscious actions breaking through their limiting beliefs and embracing a fulfilled lifestyle. 

His commitment to bringing out the best in you while holding a safe space is what makes Sebastian a dynamic speaker, mentor and friend.

Message from Sebastian:

Your time to be what you've always known deep inside of you has come, the world needs you. You have something unique and extremely valuable to offer our world and inspire thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people.

There is a part of you that has been dormant but slowly has been waking up and showing signs of its existence. This part of you is magical and extremely powerful, granting you access to manifesting your deepest desires. This part of you also has a wonderful gift to offer to the world that can magnify your own experience of living.

I invite you on a journey that will have your view on the world alter; where most see chaos, we see opportunity to become the light and lead an honorable life that transforms hearts and perception. 

Powerful, decisive, and clear in sharing your voice. Develop an inner power that heightens your intelligence and your love that expands your consciousness. You cease to be bound; you achieve liberation, the happy manifestation of your creativity, the life impulse that leads in all directions. You laugh, you dance, you celebrate, and you enjoy life.

First Step:

30 Day Challenge

Imagine, Create, Manifest, & Experience what is possible when you hire a self mastery coach committed to you stepping inside a version of yourself you may not have met yet but has all the secrets to your life you've ever been seeking, deep within yourself. Are you ready to have a

Self Mastery Coach?


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