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Iquitos, Peru

Iquitos, Peru

Message from Sebastian:

Your time to be what you've always known deep inside of you has come, the world needs you. You have something unique and extremely valuable to offer our world and inspire thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people.


There is a part of you that has been dormant but slowly has been waking up and showing signs of its existence. This part of you is magical and extremely powerful, granting you access to manifesting your deepest desires. This part of you also has a wonderful gift to offer to the world that can magnify your own experience of living.

I invite you on a journey of Self-Discovery attached to the art form of designing and creating. You are the artist to your canvas named "life", it is time to grab your tool of choice and begin to design your life on your terms in alignment with your best self and fulfillment.

Do you ever deal with any of the following:


Not being good enough


Lack of Clarity


Low Energy

Low Self-Esteem

Feeling Stuck or Stagnant

Negative Self-talk


Do you want or Desire:

Experience Inner Peace



Feel Proud + Dignity

Recognize your Significance

Make a Difference

Magnetically Attract

Have a Structured Life by Own Design

Doing the work in aligning with my best self has helped me

Gain Clarity





Something to look forward to

Sense of purpose 

Inner peace 

Boost in Self-Esteem 


Release Pain

Accept Past

Because of this work, what can become available is:

-> Attract the lifestyle you Desire 

-> Build a career out of your passion 

-> Create and design your Life 

-> Structure and Organization

-> Live Fulfilled 

-> Make a Difference 

-> Gain a voice, speak own truth 

-> Build Kingdom 

-> Gain "Self" Power

-> Increased Fitness
-> Discipline 
-> Will Power
-> Nutrítion
-> Leadership
-> Healthy Inner child
-> Better relationships
-> Heal past relationships 

Is it time for you to take the Leap, Design, Create & Experience the Magic of your life? 

Embodying your highest self provides you with the context to Spark your Power back and get you into action, designing and creating a life you love and feel proud of. 

Gain Clarity, Motivation, Inspiration, Hope, Belief, Inner Peace, Confidence, and Learn to Let Go. 




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